Tea Tkalčević, SLP

I am a patient, diligent, responsible, creative, flexible and professional person with long working experience. I have gained experience working on prevention, diagnostic, therapies and educational tasks.

I am very self-aware and love my job and, accordingly, I have received a lot of additional education in areas that I felt were not sufficiently represented in the curriculum during my studies. I have conducted numerous projects, workshops, lectures and collaborated with experts. But most importantly, I have achieved the best cooperation with children and parents, whose trust I am trying to justify every day.

In my free time I try to find out why capital I is written without a dot, laugh, jump on puddles, trample leaves and read. I’m trying to learn new skill every month. I love people, yellow jellybeans, green dinosaurs, sarcasm, comics, classic rock, intelligent conversations, less intelligent conversations, imagination, creativity, and overall weirdness. I don’t like boredom, chocolate ice cream, hypocritical people and that feeling when you step on a LEGO.

I also don’t like the fact that papers are more important then children. And that’s why I want to provide at least one family a month with free diagnostics and therapy. I don’t keep my nose high because I’m afraid of heights.